Things to Look for in a Mover

Moving can be a real pain. The entire process can be quite time consuming and tedious, given that there are so many things you have to organise before moving day. Not only do you have to leave the property clean and damage free, you also have to organise utilities, and hire a removalist to move your furniture from your old home to your new home. This is where a quality moving company can take some weight of your shoulders.

But how do you know which company is right for you?

The first step, is knowing what features and services you require from a removalist. Do you have a large house full of antiques, or difficult to move furniture, or are you only moving a few large items and some boxes?

You will find general purpose moving companies that cover every aspect of moving, and then you will find moving companies that specialise in their field. Some specialise in moving houses only, or offices only, and others specialise in moving only antiques, or a small amount of furniture.

Finding a company that suits your requirements and budget can be difficult, especially if you’ve never moved before, or if it has been a long time since you have moved.

Removal companies can vary greatly, with a huge amount of options.

Below is a few things to look out for and consider:

  1. Positive reviews: A must! Look through google and other review sites to ensure the company is reputable. Even if you are only moving one item!
  2. Appropriate equipment: The company should have protective blankets, moving straps, and hand trolleys and dollys as standard, but do they have more specialised equipment for difficult items?
  3. No extra costs: Are all of their costs included in the prices they quote or are there hidden extras?
  4. Check insurance and terms and conditions: A reputable company should hold public liability insurance at a minimum, and should specify what things are covered, under what circumstances, and up to what value.
  5. Furniture covers: Do they offer free or paid for covers to protect your goods while moving?

And this list is just the beginning! There are many more things to look out for in a mover depending on your requirements. Best to make a list early to have all of your bases covered.