End of Lease Cleaning

When your lease is up and it’s time to move out, you’ve got a million things to do. You have to hire a mover, and organise utility connections, just to name a couple of things.

Add to the list the most annoying of tasks: end of lease cleaning! There are ultimately two options when it comes to end of lease cleaning: hiring a cleaning company or cleaning your home yourself.

Hire Professional End of Lease House Cleaners

If you are short on time, or not a big fan of cleaning, one of the best ways to ensure you leave the house clean at the end of your lease is to hire a professional cleaning company. Using a service like Whizz, you can book a cleaner online or through an app.

Employees of cleaning companies undergo extensive training. This includes learning how to use cleaning equipment properly, and getting the job done in an efficient manner. They have developed state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, and know which products to use on particular surfaces in your home.

Depending on the company, a professional house cleaner generally undergoes anywhere from a week to a month’s worth of specialized training to ensure they know everything about cleaning a home properly.

Clean Your Home Yourself

If you prefer, you can clean your home yourself instead of hiring a professional cleaning company to do it for you, and you can save some money along the way!

If you want to clean your home yourself, wikihow has a great guide.

It’s full of great tips and tricks. You can learn about all of the things you need to clean to get ready for an end of lease inspection. For example, you can learn how to clean windows, how to clean curtains, and how to clean carpet!

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