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Removalists Melbourne

removalists Melbourne

Removalist companies in Melbourne offer professional help on any furniture moving needs such as:

  • Moving and relocation in a high-rise apartment
  • Removal and relocation in difficult to access areas
  • Moving antiques and delicates
  • Office furniture moving and full office relocation
  • Senior relocations
  • Internal moves
  • Home furniture moving and relocation
  • Dismantling/Reassembling
  • Valet moves
  • Taxi truck service
  • Van service for small moves

We also supply and sell moving boxes to make your moving effort a lot easier. Our boxes come in all sizes that surely fit and provide safety to your possessions.

Many people do not have enough moving boxes when they need them the most. Finding packing boxes is a bit frustrating. Without moving boxes, the risk of damaging your items is high.

Simons We can help to ease your frustration in moving by providing you sturdy boxes that are designed to lessen the risk of damaging your items. Along with our standard size boxes, we also sell a wide range of other sized packing boxes to meet your removal needs.

Even if you do not get our service of packing items for you, we can still supply all moving materials for you including moving boxes to make your removals a lot easier.

We Pack Your Items

Many removalists in Melbourne only want to help in picking up and moving your items. Our company is unique from the rest because we can also help you in packing your belongings. We can do all the hard works in your moving day to remove stress out from your busy lifestyle.

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If you are looking for a professional removalists in Melbourne, consider us and ask for a quote on your furniture removal needs. We are happy to provide help in packing, picking, and moving your items.